5starsBob G, Boca Raton, FL

“Appleton was recommended by my Orthopedic Surgeon after I had knee surgery. Everything with this company was top-notch. I’m back to playing Tennis and Golf and very happy with the care I received.”

5stars Elaine R, Lakeworth, FL
“Appleton has been taking care of my husband on and off for the last several years. My husband had a motorcycle accident and was severely injured. I don’t know what we would have done without the wonderful care provided by Appleton. My husband had an excellent nurse JoAnne and Jack the therapist got my husband to walk again. We were told after the accident that he would never walk again. I am very grateful to the caring people at Appleton and would highly recommend their service to anyone”

5stars Nancy B, Boynton Beach, FL

“I used Appleton Home Health after my recent hip replacement surgery. The nurse and therapist were very caring and I was able to make a quick recovery. They helped me make arrangements with their sister company DiMi Nursing for a home health aide and they billed my long term insurance company directly making it easier for my family and I. I was happy to have someone help me at home so I didn’t have to go to rehab after surgery. It was such a pleasure to work with such professional and caring people. I will definitely use them again if I have the need for their services.”

5stars Phyllis R, Greenacres, FL
“I used Appleton after I discharged from rehab with a pelvic fracture. They were recommended by the facility and I am very happy with the care they provided. I was told at the rehab that I would always have to use a walker after my accident. I became depressed and frustrated because the walker was big, bulky and made me look like an invalid and it was harder for me to do things alone. After just 4 months of physical therapy David the head therapist had me walking with a cane again. The cane makes it much easier for me to drive, go to the grocery store alone and out with friends. I have recommended Appleton to several of my neighbors and they have been pleased with Appleton also”

5stars Janet L, Pleasantville, CA (Father lives in Boca Raton, FL )

“Since I live out of state, it was a comfort me that Appleton could provide all of the services that my father required. I was able to speak with the nurse and therapist taking care of my father to get updates. The staff and the office handled everything extremely well with Medicare and my father’s Insurance. Living so far away it was extremely comforting to always be able to reach someone by phone or email to get updates on my fathers progress. Please consider this as my recommendation for anyone considering Appleton.”

5stars Louis M, Delray Beach, FL

“My neighbor recommended Appleton when I was in the hospital after open heart surgery. She loved her nurse Tara and I requested her also. Tara was wonderful and made me feel at ease. She even picked up my medications when I wasn’t able to drive and husband ended up in the hospital. When he came home Tara and our therapists took care of the both of us. Thankfully we have been improved and neither of us need help at this help at this time. The entire staff was caring and compassionate and went out of there way to help us in anyway they could“

5stars Mike D, Palm Beach, FL

“Great Nurse! Great Therapy! Highly Reccomended!”

5stars Bill B, New York, NY

“My parents are snow birds and travel to Florida from NY every winter. My mother has mild Alzheimer’s and my father always takes care of her. This year right after they arrived in Florida my father ended up in the hospital. We had a find a caregiver to take my mother home from the Emergency Room and stay with her because she could not be alone. I looked up companies on the computer and was trying to find someone to help at 9:00pm. I tried a few companies and got voicemail. I called Appleton and a person answered right away. They had a wonderful at the hospital to pick up my mom within an hour. When my father was discharged they had nurses and therapists take care of him also. It was so hard for my siblings and I being soo far away trying to manage everything but having one company that handles everything made all of our lives much easier.”

5stars Esther F, Jupiter, FL

“I had Spinal surgery in March and Appleton was recommended by my doctor. I had a wonderful nurse that took care of the wound on my back to insure it healed properly. My therapist Allison was a complete doll. I have used other companies over the years but Appleton is by far the Best!!”

5stars John M, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“My wife had a stroke and the hospital set her up with Appleton and told me it was covered under Medicare. I still can’t believe how great the service was and it didn’t cost me a dime. They sent a Nurse, Speech Therapist , Physical Therapist and an aide to help her take a bath. I wasn’t crazy about the first therapist and I spoke with Diane the Administrator directly and she sent another therapist the next day. Honestly there was nothing the matter with the first therapist I just didn’t think her personality was right for my wife. The second therapist was exactly what I was looking for and able to really get my wife moving. I would highly recommend Appleton.”

5stars Esperanza D, Lakeworth, FL
“My mom fell and was sent to JFK Medical Center. The doctor there recommended Appleton. My mother doesn’t speak a lot of English and I requested a Spanish Speaking nurse. They sent Vanessa and she was an Angel. She spoke English and Spanish so my entire family could communicate with her. My kids are in high school but don’t speak Spanish and they were home over the summer to help take care of my mom. It was wonderful having Vanessa there to explain things to my mom and then explain things to the kids. Vanessa was the only person that could get my mom to take her medications. My mom still asks when Vanessa is coming back “

5stars Ann F, Boca Raton, FL

“Appleton took care of my husband after his colostomy surgery. The doctor said he had a hernia at the colostomy site. After a few hours it would start leaking and the bag would come off. Once it happened on the way to the doctor’s office and there was a mess all over his clothes. It was embarrassing for us both and the smell was awful. The doctor called Appleton and they sent a nurse that specialized in Colostomies. She had many different supplies and samples with her and found something that worked perfectly. The nurse Teri ordered the supplies for us and since that day my husband has never another problem with his colostomy. We feel like we can leave the house again. Thank you Appleton”

5stars Barbara G, Delray Beach, FL
“My friend and I went to the movies and she tripped when we were leaving our seat. She ended up knocking into me and we both tumbled down the stairs. I ended up with a broken Pelvis and broken hip. I was in rehab for 3 months. When I went home I chose Appleton Home Health based on a recommendation from one of the ladies I play cards with. I’m so happy I chose Appleton to provide my nursing and therapy. I loved my nurse and therapy team that came to my home. Everyone was very professional and responsive. My experience was fabulous and I even recommended Appleton to my neighbor”

5stars Irwin S, Jupiter, FL

“Excellent Therapists. Caring Nurses. Overall Great Care. Highly Reccomended”

5stars James M, Wellington, FL

“5 Star Service. Highly Reccomended?”

5stars Elizabeth D, Boynton Beach, FL
“Appleton sent a nurse to my home after I received chemotherapy for my cancer. I got very weak and the doctor said I was dehydrated and very sick. I was ready to stop chemotherapy because I was completely miserable. The social worker at the cancer told me about Appleton’ Cancer Care Program. The nurse monitored my vitals and educated me on how to eat properly to keep up my strength up. The therapist motivated me to stay active and helped with exercises. I’m now cancer free and enjoying my life again. I don’t think I could have done without the nurses and therapists helping me along the way. Thank you Appleton”

5stars Barbara H, Boynton Beach, FL

“I have used many Medicare companies over the years. Appleton is the Best. High quality nurses. Excellent therapy. Helpful Office Staff. Great Overall Experience”