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Florida Medicaid Programs

To receive services under SMMC LTC, candidates must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be legal Florida residents
  • Be 65 years of age or officially designated as disabled
  • Need “nursing facility level of care”
  • Meet the financial requirements for Florida Medicaid

Financial eligibility is complicated. The state considers both the applicant’s income and assets.  In 2015, the individual limit for an applicant is $2,199 / month.  For couples, when both parties are applying, the joint income limit is $4,398 / month.  However, when only one spouse applies and the other does not, the couple has more options to qualify with regards to their income. The spouse who is not applying is permitted to keep sufficient income to enable her or him to continue living independently.  In this situation, couples can allocate their joint income to the healthy spouse and help the spouse that requires assistance to qualify for Medicaid.

Consideration of financial assets or resources works in a similar manner. Individuals are allowed up to $2,000 in “countable resources,” and couples are permitted up to $3,000. However, if one spouse is not seeking Medicaid, then that spouse is permitted up to $119,220 in resources or savings. If they continue to live in their home, then the home is considered an exempt asset and its value is not put towards the resource limit.

Persons whose assets or incomes exceed the Medicaid limits or couples where only one spouse requires Medicaid should strongly consider finding Medicaid planning help to ensure they qualify and that the healthy spouse has adequate income and resources to continue living independently.

Appleton Home Health and our sister companies Dimi Nursing and Dimi Senior Referral Service are pleased to have the opportunity to work with you and your family.  We have been in business in South Florida for over 15 years.  We value our relationship with our client’s and look forward to working with you and your family for many years to come.  Please contact us if we can assist you anyway.   

Appleton Home Health is a Medicare Certified Home Health Agency providing our patient’s with Medically Necessary services including Skilled Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Medical Social Workers.  Services Provided are Covered at 100% under Original Medicare.  Contact Appleton at 561-200-0255

DiMi Nursing Service is a Private Duty Service that assists our clients with Activities of Daily Living, Light Housekeeping, Chores and Transportation. We have Home Health Aides, CNA’s and Nurses available to assist patients with these and many other non-skilled services not covered by Medical Insurance.  We accept Private Pay, Long Term Care Insurance and Credit Cards. Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Pension can be used to cover the cost of private duty servicesContact DiMi at 561-278-2784

DiMi Senior Living Referral Service is a FREE service providing our clients and their families with assistance finding an Assisted Living, Independent Living or Skilled Nursing Facility.  We also work with our clients to provide information regarding programs and pensions like Veterans Aid and Attendance that can cover the cost or supplement the cost of Senior Living Communities.  Contact DiMi at 561-278-2784