Please note services provided may include but are not limited to the following…

Home Health Care Triggers for Low Vision Program:

Macular Degeneration/ Cataracts J Diabetes /Glaucoma

  • Frequent Palls
  • Frequent Medication Errors
  • Difficulty with ambulating, balance or gait
  • Declining functional status
  • Declining nutrition& status
  • Increased difficulty with ADL’s (i.e. cooking, bathing and shopping)
  • Difficulty reading labels (i.e. medication bottles. and food labels)

Low Vision Program Services:

  • Home safety evaluation
  • Lighting evaluation and recommendations
  • Assess motor dexterity and strength – Teach fall prevention techniques
  • Recommend simple household modifications
  • Teach adaptive techniques for daily living activities – Nutritional assessment and teaching
  • Teach range of motion/strength exercises for head, neck and eye
  • Horne Health Aide for bathing, dressing, and personal care
  • Provide information regarding community resources and psychosocial support

Low Vision Program Benefits:

  • Reduction in hospitalizations and ER visits
  • Reduction in unnecessary calls to physician’s office
  • Patent’s quality of life improves as they are taught adaptive techniques to manage vision loss
  • Patients receive care in the comfort of their home

We Provide Coordination of Care by Assisting with Referrals for DME,
Horne Infusion Therapy, Private Duty Services, and Community Resources

For Immediate Assistance with Referrals Please Contact Office Directly Phone: 561-200-0255 or Fax: 561-200-0257  Contact Us Now